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Optical Couting System

Optical Counting System (OCS) is a computer software that is used to count votes on ballot paper with 100 % accuracy rate in a very short time. It’s a digitalization movement of substituting traditional antediluvian paper ballot and human counting system, which always possesses high risk of error, with an unerring computer software.

Basic Operation

Basically the Optical Counting System (OCS) is a combination of a high speed scanner and a software running on a Laptop or Desktop computer. Initially, after the voting on digital ballot paper, the scanner scans all the ballot papers to convert them into images; then the images are saved into computer; and finally the Optical Counting System (OCS) software processes the images to prepare the result in a flash. And save the result into database


There are so many customizations in default OCS. Even our ingenious developer/programmer team is highly competent to provide a customized Optical Counting System (OCS) according to our client’s demand in due time.By default, Optical Counting System (OCS) produce the final result of the election in the following categories: 1) According to election post. 2) According to candidates’s ballot number. 3) According to candidates’s obtained vote. It also provide the summary of all ballot papers in the following categories: 1) Error vote 2) Blank vote 3) Excess vote 4) Right vote.


It may seem to you that the whole procedure is time consuming and tardy. If you think so, then you are completely wrong as the system works so fast that it can evaluate 20000 ballots per hours and generate the final result within few seconds, which is probably beyond your imagination.

Advantages of OCS over traditional Human Counting System

  • There is a huge possibility of error in traditional vote counting system whereas possibility of error in OCS is completely absent.
  • OCS has a much higher efficiency and accuracy rate than the traditional vote counting system.
  • There is no possibility and opportunity of vote rigging and ballot stuffing in OCS whereas vote rigging and ballot stuffing is a part and parcel of traditional Election and Evaluation System.
  • If anybody stuffed any invalidate ballot paper by illegal means to influence the result, the software will automatically identify the invalidate ballots to rule out those ballots.
  • Low maintenance cost as compared to traditional counting system.

Support and Services

Our highly skilled support team, comprised of developer, designer and computer operator, are always ready to support our valuable clients. In a nutshell, we provide the following support and services to facilitate the whole process.

  • Design,printing and supply of digital ballot paper according to client’s requisition.
  • Before the actual voting take place, We demonstrate demo vote couting process before related authority.
  • High speed scanners and powerful machine to run the software with great efficiency.
  • All necessary human resource support by our skillful and perseverant support team.


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